Cannabis concentrates are classified as a controlled substance. In order to purchase products containing THC, you must be at least 18 years of age, a California resident and posses a valid physician’s recommendation.

PLEASE NOTE: Spliffin products containing THC are only available within the State of California.

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Featured Varieties


“Tangie” Tangerine Dream

Developed from the 2013 Cannabis Cup winner, this subtly sweet concentrate features Tangie’s pleasingly delicious citrus taste and fragrance. This celebrated, euphoric sativa has shown effectiveness for pain management and relaxation.


Jack Herer

Spliffin’s “Jack” is a unique sativa-dominant clone featuring the strong, distinctive scent of pine. This Jack is best known for its clear, elevated euphoria and creative effects.


Super Lemon Haze

Derived from the two-time Cannabis Cup winner, this sativa-dominant variety is revered for its citrus zest and tartness, yet it has a subtle sweetness. Super Lemon’s lively, heady effects are uplifting and energetic.


Donna OG

“The Donna” is a signature backcross between two remarkable indica-dominant OG varieties. She is an exceptionally potent strain with a sweet, piney aroma. Donna’s effects include dream-like euphoria, heightened appetite, and relaxing sedation.


Spliffin OG

Our proprietary indica came from a classic OG crossed with Spliffin’s Larry OG. This unique hybrid combines the desirable OG aroma with sweet floral undertones. Spliffin OG effects are comparable to Donna OG, with stress relieving and sleep enhancing properties.


Dante’s Fire

A new signature varietal from the Spliffin OG line of genetics . Robust, firey bracts produce this OG’s distinct earthy aroma. Superbly potent, with hints of pine and lemon. Dante’s Fire delivers long-lasting, pleasingly relaxing effects.

Spliffin Concentrates

The Company offers our signature THC extracts in three standardized potency concentrations; Spliffin Pure, Spliffin Blondes, and Spliffin Blends. This variety of therapeutic THC doses enables Spliffin to cater to a broad spectrum of medical needs and consumer preferences.

Blends are unlike any THC vape product on the market. They feature a lighter dose of THC, typically between 100 mg to 150 mg per ml, with food-grade aromatic flavor enhancers. Blends are the optimal choice for novice users and those seeking a milder THC experience. Spliffin currently offers two types of blends:

House Blend

Tangie sativa-base with a mild, sweetly floral bouquet.


Original Thin Mint

Spliffin OG Indica-base with minty hints of tasty nostalgia.


Mel Frank’s Private Reserve

Originally developed exclusively for Mel Frank, a renowned cannabis pioneer and world-class expert, these unique blends are expertly crafted for exceptionally smooth and delightfully satisfying vaping experiences. Mel Frank blends are available in Jack Herer or Donna OG with 300 mg of THC extract.

Our “PURE” concentrates deliver unmatched, intensely euphoric effects. Rich in terpenes and flavor, Spliffin Pure concentrates feature an average of 700 mg of THC per ml.
All five cannabis varieties are available in the Pure line in 0.5 ml or 1.0 ml cartridges.


Tangie, Jack Herer, Super Lemon Haze



Donna OG, Spliffin OG